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Volta Technologies currently provides the following software development solutions:

Online Payment Solutions

With the safest and most secure online payment certificate in the industry, Volta Technologies provides organizations with the option of on-line payment, particularly in business-to-business transactions. Whether you need a simple online payment module added to your existing website or a custom payment application, organizations can now send and receive payments from their suppliers, distributors, resellers, clients, and other business partners with the simple click of a button.

Mobile Applications

Our Mobile Applications product line is truly extraordinary. Volta Technologies can provide any website owner with a web-to- phone connection, so that the web owner is texted via mobile phone anytime he or she receives an email on their website. This feature can also be applied to large institutions who desire to alert their employees through an SMS network – such as banks who wish to alert their clients of changes to their accounts, or a salesperson who is immediately notified of an online purchase made on their website.

Hotel Management Systems

Volta Technologies provides a range of solutions such as online booking and online payment systems for the budding hotel and tourism industry. In light of internationally renowned events taking place for many years to come, visitors, guests, tourists, VIPs, and investors can review, book, and pay for a hotel anywhere from the comfort of their homes.

Payroll Solution

Volta Technologies payroll module handles both employee scheduling and attendance. This software and hardware uses an advanced payroll calculation engine that will automatically calculate employee wages as they check into work. This method drastically reduces human error by eliminating any guessing or messy employee time sheets. This software can also facilitate the direct deposit, detailed electronic pay stubs, and paycheck printing for the large enterprise.

Onsite Email

Do you need a more reliable method of communicating to your employees throughout your company? In-house email is a powerful tool allowing employees to communicate efficiently by sending out policy letters, memos, and announcements through programs such as Microsoft Outlook. It’s effective and easy to use, without the hassles of fluctuating, unreliable and slow internet connection.

Inventory Management

Having problems with keeping an accurate inventory? Inventory management makes it easy to keep your inventory accurate, thereby controlling costs. From the small retail outlet, to the large enterprise which wishes to track its office supplies and equipment, this tool guarantees reduced theft and bolsters accountability. Inventory control is one of the basic fundamentals of a successful business.